Laboratory PE material tube plug of various sizes customized

1. Plastic test tube plug is used to stop the liquid flow. 2. Our products are of high quality and low price. 3. There are a variety of sizes available.ø12mm、ø13mm、ø16mm。 4. The test pipe plug is made of PE material. 5. The inner spiral mouth of the test tube plug is more likely to rotate and open.

Products Details

(1) It shall not exceed 1/2 of the tube capacity when filling the solution and 1/3 of the tube capacity when heating. (2) When using the dropper to add liquid to the test tube, it should be suspended and not extended into the test tube mouth. (3) take block solid to use tweezers to clamp and put to the mouth of the tube, and then slowly stand up the tube to make the solid slide into the bottom of the tube, can not make the solid directly fall into, to prevent the bottom of the tube rupture. (4) Use tube clamp for heating, and tube mouth should not be facing people. When heating a test tube containing solids, the nozzle is slightly downward, and the liquid is heated at an Angle of about 45°.Because microbes are mostly aerobic Can filter air, also can prevent miscellaneous bacteria contamination, and can slow down the evaporation of medium water Correct operation of tube stopper with tube stopper The rubber plug slowly turn into the mouth of the tube, do not put the tube on the table in the plug, so as not to crush the tube, the sight of the cylinder reading to keep level with the lowest concave liquid level of the liquid in the cylinder.
Item # Description Specification Material Unit/Carton
BN0521 Tube Stopper 12mm PE 25000
BN0522 13mm PE 25000
BN0523 16mm PE 16000

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