Laboratory plastic disposable multifunctional tube rack

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Item # Description Specification Material Unit/Carton
BN0631 Multi-purpose Tube Racks 28wells PS 100
BN0632   50wells PS 100
BN0641 Detachable Tube Racks φ13,50wells PS 50
BN0642   φ15,50wells PS 50
BN0643   φ18,50wells PS 50
 1. Appearance design This product is made of national standard medical plastic, strong and durable, resistant to chemical corrosion such as strong acid and alkali, small in appearance, convenient for storage, and integrates the functions of a conventional test tube rack and a test tube storage box. Saving space and cost, the product fits perfectly into regular refrigerator dimensions. (Conventional refrigerators can store 6 boxes on a flat surface, and 12 boxes can be stored in a stack) 2. New sealing cover design The sealing cover design solves the problem of test tube sealing. It can be directly sealed after testing on the test tube rack, saving time and simplifying complex operations. The sealing cover is made of standard medical rubber, which is perfectly suitable for high temperature and high pressure operation. It is not easy to deform, and it is detachable and easy to clean. It can be cleaned quickly by wiping with a disinfectant towel, which effectively prevents cross-infection caused by sample residues in the conventional sealing cover. 3. Label recording function This product has the function of time and serial number rotation and adjustment, and the operation is simple and convenient. The adjustable serial number solves the problem that conventional test tube racks cannot be marked, numbered, and sorted. The adjustable time also solves the problem of preventing the samples from being easily confused due to too many samples and long detection cycle. 4. Multi-specification test tube storage function This product adopts a multi-functional buckle design. One type of tube rack can operate and store various specifications of test tubes, which effectively avoids the problem of storing a single specification of test tubes in a single type of test tube rack. The buckle design makes the experimental operation easier. ,save time.Made from high quality medical-grade polypropylene The 50 hole rack can accommodate 15ml centrifuge tube 25 hole rack can accommodate 50ml centrifugal tube The sturdy design keeps the pipe upright The aperture of multi-functional tube rack is Φ18.2mm,can accommodate any tubes whose diameter is ≤Φ18.2mm,like the following tubes:  12*60mm tube,12*75mm tube,13*75mm tube,13*100mm tube,15*100mm tube,15*150mm tube,10ml centrifugation tube,15ml centrifugation tube.  The rack is 50 wells in the lower board with a sulicon gel gasket,to fix the tube bottom,and to avoid tubes wobble in the rack.  Made of high impact polystyrene  This special 50-place rack will hold your 12 x 75 mm and 13 x 100 mm tubes securely in place thanks to silicone tabs surrounding the base of each tube while in the rack. This makes it very convenient to empty tube content before discarding them. Also great for holding tubes in rack securely in place when in a water bath. Each position is alpha numerically identified. Units can be anchored laterally to one another, thanks to two screws supplied with each rack. 

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