Medical grade disposable stool container with stick

The containers are made of medical-grade plastic materials (polypropylene and polystyrene) for the collection and transportation of urine and faecal samples. Sample collection containers have integrity seals and LIDS that allow them to easily identify samples and ensure their safety. The seal provides a place to write the room number, name and doctor. The ridged lid makes handling easy, even with gloves on. Screw cap allows safe closing. Each sterile container has a ridged scale for easy monitoring of liquid levels.

Products Details

1. Medical grade PP materials, ensure reliable quality. PP containers are resistant to 121ºC and autoclave. Various shapes, sizes and colors are designed for different specimen collection and testing requirements. 2. Clear molded scale, large matte area for marking and writing. 3. Unique design of stool collection scoop makes stool collection and transfer more convenient and safe. 4. Sealed design to prevent contamination and overflow of stool samples by external substances and bacteria, and to minimize the risk of patients and medical staff contacting pathogenic stool samples. 5. Sterile type and non-sterile type can be provided according to your requirements. 6. Bar code can be customized. 7. Sterilize and tamper with sealed cups separately for each container 8. Separate plastic bags, sterile EO gas, no pollution. 9. wide mouth design, easy to use, nut leakproof 10. hospital and laboratory level certification 11. Available with EO 12. Available in individual or bulk packs. Screw bottle Spiral bottle mouth design, enhance sealing and safety. Note: Proper tightening of the bottle cap is essential for leakproof sealing.Used for urine and specimen collection, it can form a closed urine collection. Applied in laboratory, teaching, chemistry and other places. Material: medical PP or PS Specification: 30ml, 40ml, 60ml, 90ml, 100ml, 120ml, etc Cap color: orange, red, blue, yellow...... Or as you wish
Item # Description Specification Material Unit/Carton
BN0221 Stool Container 30ml,PS screw cup PP/PS 1000
BN0222 Stool Container 40ml,pressed cap PP 1000
BN0223 Stool Container 40ml,screw cap PP 1000
BN0224 Stool Container 60ml,screw cup,tall form PP 1000
BN0225 Stool Container 60ml,screw cup,low form PP 1000
BN0226 Stool Container 100/120ml,screw cup PP 500

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