Pipette filter tip in disposable plastic bag

1. The cassette model can effectively avoid cross contamination between samples caused by liquid volatilization and aerosol formation during pipetting process 2. The low adsorption model improves the recovery rate of precious samples and the accuracy of pipetting. 3. Product Advantages Compatible with the widest range of pipettes Using low bond resin and fine point design maximizes sample recovery by reducing the force required to connect and eject the nozzle to improve ergonomics

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Pipette tips are made of high transparency PP and we are a professional supplier of medical/laboratory equipment and consumables. We will provide high quality and most favorable products. We have fully automatic production facilities, aseptic dust removal workshop and can provide non-pyrogen sterilized filter pipette tips without Dnase and Rnase.1. The disposable micropipette suction head is made of imported high-quality transparent polymer material polypropylene (PP), which is straight and high precision. It can be used together with micropipette. 2. Provide universal pipette nozzles and pipette nozzles with filters. 3. Pipette suction head capacity: 0.1ul -1000ul. 4. Suitable for Gilson, Eppendorf and other brands of pipette. 5. High quality pipette suction head, smooth inner wall, can avoid leakage and sample residue, high temperature resistance. Autoclave (121ºC for 20 min) for good transparency, verticality and pipetting accuracy. 6. No methylsilylation on the surface, no nucleic acid, no PCR inhibitors. No DNA enzyme, RNA. 7. DNA' ASE, RNA' SE, human DNA, no pyrogens. 8. Available bulk and rack. 9. EO or gamma radiation can be used for sterilization. Unique shape design, suitable for most brands on the market, such as Eppendorf, Gilson, Thermo Fisher, Rainin, etc.
Item # Description Specification Material Unit/Carton
BN0341 Filter Tip in bag 10ul Gillson PP 100,000
BN0342 200ul Gillson PP 50,000
BN0343 1000ul Gillson PP 15,000
BN0344 Filter Tip in rack 10ul Gillson PP 50RACK
BN0345 20ul Gillson PP 50RACK
BN0346 100ul Gillson PP 50RACK
BN0347 200ul Gillson PP 50RACK
BN0348 1000ul Gillson PP 50RACK
Widely used in molecular biology, clinical chemistry, biochemical research

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